Transition Planning Services

Personalized services to prepare, guide, and support for life after high school

Plans to Prosper Consulting will identify an individual's strengths, interests, preferences, and needs. They will then assist in determining the necessary services and support for future success.

Services could include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting strength and needs assessments

  • Conducting interest-based career assessments

  • Functional Vocational Evaluations

  • Assessing Independent Living Skills and Community Access

  • Post-Secondary Education Discovery

  • Career Exploration

  • Linkage to Community Agencies

  • Promoting Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy

  • Advocating for student and parent's needs

  • Reviewing ARD/504 documents to ensure appropriate transition programming and accommodations

  • College/Adult Education Support Services

  • Transition plans and guidance for families of homeschoolers/private schools

  • Vocational and Independent Living Support Services for Adults

  • Individualized transition services for students and adults

  • Parent Coaching/Consulting